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All of us started with bright white teeth because of the porcelain-like enamel surface; however, as years pass by, the enamel is worn down. It becomes more transparent, showing the yellow color of the tooth’s core material. Chewing also causes small cracks in the teeth’s enamel. These micro cracks in the enamel fill up with stains and debris gradually. Because of this, teeth whitening is the most requested and performed procedure for most men and women. In San Diego, a cosmetic dentist by the name of Dr. Reza Kasiri and her dental team is providing safe and effective tooth whitening services.

Dr. Kasiri is a competent cosmetic dentist in San Diego who has been helping a lot of patients be more confident – by applying time-proven cosmetic dentistry treatments on their teeth. Her professional and caring nature draws back repeat patients as well as new ones to her dental clinic in San Diego.

Dr. Kasiri’s talented and experienced dental team helps patients get that pearly white smile back. We go beyond tooth whitening for our patients. We make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. We do this by making sure that cavities are treated before going through the tooth whitening process. We do this because the whitening process can reach deeper areas of the tooth, leading to tooth sensitivity. Being an experienced cosmetic dentist in San Diego, Dr. Kasiri knows very well the exact treatments to give each client. He accomplishes this by thoroughly checking the patient’s teeth before making diagnosis. In doing so, he makes sure that he provides the proper treatments as well as gives out correct oral health advice.

Get whiter and brighter smiles through our cosmetic teeth whitening services from Dr. Kasiri, the best cosmetic dentist in San Diego. Experience and see visible results with your San Diego dental implants from our leading cosmetic dentist and dental team. Visit us at our Mira Mesa Boulevard clinic or Garnet Avenue clinic for the sparkling white smile you’ve been wanting. Flash that bright smile without hesitation!

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