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Dental Surgery Pre- Surgery Instructions

Dr. Reza Kasiri, DDS dental clinic has been performing dental surgery in San Diego for quite some time now. This clinic’s trusted dental surgery services are safe and effective in the treatment of specific dental cases that require surgery as the corrective measure for oral problems.

These procedures are required to treat oral health concerns, but can affect the rest of the body. A such, like medical surgery, there are pre-surgery instructions that should be followed. Before undergoing dental surgery, it is recommended that you:

* Eat light food; a meal that is easy to digest the night before your dental surgery appointment.

* If the procedure will require sedation, NO food or drink, including water, should be taken on the day of your surgical appointment.

* During the day of your dental surgery, wear only short-sleeved shirts or tops and loose-fitting clothing.

* If you are going to be sedated during the procedure, bring someone along who can assist you from the clinic to your home after the surgery.

* You are not advised to drive on the day of the surgery, so arrange alternate transportation.

These are simple instructions that will prepare you for dental surgery so that you can be more comfortable and avoid any untoward incidents like delays, cancellations or accidents. Follow these steps for a smooth surgical procedure.

For any questions or concerns, visit us at our San Diego clinics.

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