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Why a New and Healthy Smile?

Self-esteem issues seem to be as simple as many think, but they can have great effects on a person’s life. How one views him or herself affects the different aspects of one’s behavior and prospects. A discolored or disfigured smile has a major effect on social dealings and relationships. For most people, especially women, a great smile exudes higher levels of confidence. Confidence in turn does wonders for first impressions and social relationships. This reality is supported by a course study showing the following:

  • 74% of adults believe that an unattractive smile can hurt career opportunities
  • 87% of adults remember someone with an attractive smile
  • 92% of adults agree that an eye-catching smile is an important social asset

Dr. Reza Kasiri’s dental clinics in San Diego are offering her dentistry expertise and dental services to give the people of San Diego the confidence-boosting smiles they need. We employ the latest technological advances in dentistry in San Diego to give you not only a perfect smile but a healthy smile as well. Appearance is only second to health since health is the beginning of an amazing look. When you come to visit our dental clinics, we focus on your oral health because we know that good oral health is equivalent to a good smile. Get people to remember you because you flashed them that captivating smile. Get the job you’ve always wanted simply because you feel and look confident. Most importantly, have the edge that allows you to build your social circle with a friendly, inviting smile.

Be healthy and smile heartily. Visit our dental clinics in San Diego and get the boost of confidence you need.

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